The pearl of Lake Garda

Malcesine on lake Garda

Malcesine and the Lake Garda region

Malcesine is without doubt one of the most famous resorts of Lake Garda. And, seen to the many attractions it has to offer could not be otherwise. There are so many amenity in this town, and nearby, that you will have trouble deciding what to do or what to see during your vacation.If you do not have a clear idea on how to start your stay in what has been dubbed the Pearl of Lake Garda, we suggest you to begin to learn more about the town, spending a day in the characteristic center

Malcesine and its small streets

You will find surely interesting, a walk through the small streets that cross it. Visiting this way Malcesine you can afford to discover the many traces let from history, a bit scattered in every corner of this town. So you can discover the most beautiful spots, that this town has to offer while you gently approach the castle Scaliger. In fact, depart from any point, every road seems to lead at the foot of the fortress from which the castle still dominates the city center.

If you are looking for a perfect holiday, for enjoys the outdoor life or just relaxing, Malcesine and Lake Garda are the ideal place for you and your family.

Malcesine and Monte Baldo

Another major attraction that Malcesine can is offering to its visitors is undoubtedly the Monte Baldo. A unique natural environment, that is truly affordable for everyone thanks to Malcesine Monte Baldo CablewayThe different paths that can be found on the slopes of Monte Baldo are ideal for a relaxing walk, even with the own families. The paths that are more close to the peaks, will give extraordinary emotions at athletes, or at those who want to grapple with an environment rich in color, and at times almost savage, who is just a short distance from Malcesine on Lake Garda

Malcesine and Lake Garda

Malcesine may not be lived separately from Lake Garda. In fact, its waters can be considered a real asset to this, and all the countries that lie on its banks. If you once fishing and agriculture sustain the economy of these areas, now is the time of the tourist industry. All this would not have been possible without the Lake Garda, a fragment of Mediterranean nestled in the Alps, which has made this region one of the most popular destinations throughout Europe.

Tips and Tricks for a holiday in Malcesine

Castle of Malcesine

The scaliger castle that dominates the ancient town of Malcesine.


Monte Baldo

The imposing mountain range overlooking Lake Garda and Malcesine.


Garda Lake

The biggest, and most famous, lake in the North of Italy.


Monte Baldo Cable Car

The cable car that leads to the summit of Monte Baldo.