Malcesine Castle

Magnificent. Noble. Impressive, but at the same time protective. These are feelings that most of the visitors, but also the inhabitants of the town, are accustomed to using to describe the Scaliger castle of Malcesine.

Malcesine Castle

A Castle from the uncertain past

The researchers have not yet succeeded with confidence to date the age of the first settlements on the rock that houses the present day, the castle of Malcesine. The most reliable, it is still one that sees the Lombards, the first to build a castle in this place, towards the middle of the first millennium AD.

During the centuries, many were the nations that have ruled on Malcesine from the halls of the magnificent castle. These include the Lombards, the Franks, the Scala family, the Venetians, the Visconti, the French, the Austrians and the last. In fact, after the departure of the Austrians, in 1866, the Veneto was admitted to Italy.

Since 1902 has been declared, along with the Palazzo dei Capitani, a national monument.

A castle always new

Inside the castle you can visit several museums, which will help you learn more about Malcesine, and surrounding areas. The largest is devoted to "Natural History of Monte Baldo and Lake Garda. " Completely renovated in 2008 allows the visitor to understand, in a simple and comprehensive environment that makes it unique Malcesine. The other museums that you can visit the castle are those dedicated to fishing, and the room "Goethe", dedicated to one of the most historical figures who helped to make Malcesine famous in all the world.

But besides these permanent installations, the castle of Malcesine often hosts into his courts or Congress Hall which is located near the tower, interesting exhibitions of works by international artists.

In recent years, the castle of Malcesine became famous throughout Europe as one of the most exclusive sets, to celebrate their marriage. Couples from Germany, England, Italy, and many other nations are increasingly choosing to crown their dream of love between the timeless stones of this unique castle.