Lake Garda Cable Car

Many sport options and an unique panorama

Lake Garda Cable Car in Malcesine

The lake Garda Cable Car in Malcesine, "funivia" in italian, give access to the Monte Baldo in a easy way.
You can reach the middle station (San Michele, altitude is about 552 meters above sea level) in less than 5 minutes, or the top of Monte Baldo (altitude is about 1739 meters above sea level) in about 15 minutes.
From San Michele, to the top, the cabins rotate 360 degrees.

From the top you can have a wonderful view of Lake Garda (in winter, with snow, it is even more beautiful) or attend one of the many events that take place throughout the year.

Lake Garda Cable Car for Monte Baldo in Malcesine

During the holiday season, every tourist love to practice its favorite sport, in a lush and beautiful nature.
People that love paragliding, trekking, nordic walking, mountain bike and many other sports find in the Monte Baldo every time a perfect place.
In winter, when all is snow covered, and the chairlift on the top of Monte Baldo is operating, the snow lovers can enjoy some extraordinary moments. The blue of the lake and the white of the snow offer an unique panorama.

Sports fans, in particular, thanks to the Monte Baldo Cable Car, have find in the near mountains the perfect place to have fun, and at the same time, keep fit. In the summer, thanks to the cableway which starts from the center of Malcesine, it became very easy to explore the mountains above Malcesine.

The valley station, just a few hundred meters from the center of Malcesine, makes it easy and quick to begin its ascent to the top of the mountain. You can choose to use a large parking lot and an elevator that make it much easier to start the journey not only for lovers of the mountains, but also for sportsmen who need to carry their own gear (bicycles, and paragliders).

But if the lovers of mountain biking, and hiking, now know well the many possibilities offered by cable car does not yet know the opportunities offered to those who decide to "return home " in Paragliding. What you can try, is indeed a fascinating drop-down, full of unusual views of Malcesine, Garda Lake and Monte Baldo.

Whatever the reason, that made you choose Malcesine, for your holiday, you will find in Malcesine Monte Baldo Cableway always a good help for your outdoors day.

Malcesine Monte Baldo Cableway Middle Station

The “San Michele” middle station, is situated at a height of 570 meters, and provides many opportunities for visitors. In fact, as well as the cable car, can also be reached by car, or by foot, with the “Strada Panoramica”.

After leaving the “San Michele” station, or park your car in the nearby parking lot, you can head towards the small church of "San Michele". From the station proceed north for about 50 meters, getting onto a small path that heads into the woods (the trail is passable only by foot, and is easily recognizable thanks to a barrier that prevents access to cars). After a few minutes you reach the church of San Michele, where you can stop for a break, or for take a picnic surrounded by nature. From here you can proceed using the "percorso vita" that will give way to more sports people to be able to perform physical exercise, not too demanding, immersed in the greenery of Mount Baldo.

Lake Garda Cable Car Timetable

Monte Baldo cableway is operating all year round, except when making a break in the winter to allow the normal maintenance.

The opening hours are from 8 AM, until 5 PM. During the summer, due to the large turnout, the opening hours are extended until 7 PM.

From the Main Station of Malcesine runs a ride every 30 minutes, while from the Monte Baldo one leave every 15 minutes.

There will be special rides for mountain bikers, who can carry their own bike, and equipment. For those that have chosen to live the natural beauty of Mount Baldo from the sky, thanks to a Paraglider, it’s possible to use the normal races. In the event, of an extended stay you can buy a special ticket that allows you to make 4 rides at a discounted price.

It’s possible to request reduced fees for schools, groups of at least 20 people, and families.

Lake Garda and the Monte Baldo Cable Car

The cable car gives you a splendid view of Lake Garda,from the middle station, or from the top of Mount Baldo.

If you want to enjoy a really breathtaking view you can easily get to the panoramic terrace where is located the statue of "Madonna dell’Accoglienza" from the middle station. From this place you can get not only a perfect observing point on the town of Malcesine, but you can also enjoy a stunning view of Lake Garda.